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Azur 2200 Lumen Front Twin Deluxe LED Light

Azur 2200 Lumen Front Twin Deluxe LED Light
Product Code: Azur 2200 Lumen Front Twin Deluxe LED Light
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With the push of a button, you can turn night into day!

Without a doubt, the AZUR 2200 provides more than enough lumens to allow you to ride comfortably at night!  This unit features a lamp and battery pack connected with a cord.  You can either mount it on any standard handlebar or use the included GoPro mount adaptor.  This allows for multiple mounting locations including our favourite, helmet mounting.  

The battery charges in 5-6 hours and the lamp offers four intensity settings allowing you to maximise battery life.  Just to put this light into perspective, most automotive halogen headlights run 700 (low beam) to 1200 (high) lumens.  This light really is that bright!


  • Powerful 2xCree XML2- U2 ultra bright
  • 2200 lumens!
  • 4 brightness settings plus flash.
  • Fits handlebars 22.2 to 31.8mm. 
  • Tool free mounting.
  • Aluminium body.
  • Includes adaptor for use with GoPro mounts. 
  • Charge time 5-6 hours. 
  • Runtimes:
    • 100%-3.5hrs.
    • 70%-4.5hrs. 
    • 40%-8hrs. 
    • 10%-30hrs

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