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32GI Endure Chews 50g

32GI Endure Chews 50g
Brand: 32GI
Product Code: 32GI Endure Chews 50g
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32Gi Chews were designed as a meal or gel replacement during 
a sporting event. Each packet of chews is equivalent to two 
small bananas or boiled potatoes in energy provision and in sugar response.

The 32Gi chews are a very popular energy source in any endurance event. Boasting a melting point 
of around 90 degrees Celsius, the Chews can be removed from the packaging prior to an event and left loose in a cycling jersey or running shorts and eaten when required. The Chews are very easy to chew and swallow quickly as they designed to keep the airways open, leaving no residue in the mouth at all.

Chew Facts

  • Gel replacement with balanced energy.
  • High sustainable energy release 
    (90min-2 Hrs.)
  • 1 pack is equivalent to 2 small bananas or potatoes in calories and in insulin response.
  • Equivalent energy of 3-4 gels sustainability.
  • Keep airways free during bouts of intense exercise
  • They don’t melt or go soft in the sun (90 Degree melting point)
  • Available in Orange, Lime, Raspberry and Peach
  • Suitable for diabetics and children
  • Kosher/ Halaal Certified




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