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website_pics_034It's important for your own safety and the longevity of you bicycle to look after it with regular servicing.

Our services range from a standard Safety Check and Wash & Degrease, to the comprehensive Silver & Gold services. Specific services include:

  • Brake Servicing

  • Gear Servicing

  • Wheel Servicing

  • Bearing Servicing

  • Miscellaneous Servicing

We have bicycle suitcases available for hire, which are ideal for protecting your bike from damage during transport                                                                                                                                              

Standard Servicing 

Safety Check ( All Bikes )                                                    $29.00

Check brakes, wheels, cranks, seat, stem and handlebars tightened and tyres pumped up to recommended pressure.

Pewter Service (NON-geared bikes)                                $49.00

Includes wheels, cranks and headset adjustment, seat, stem and handlebars tightened and tyres pumped up to recommended pressure

for kids non-geared bikes 12”, 16” and 20” ( Including BMX ).

Bronze Service ( General Service )                                   $79.00

Includes brake and gear adjustment, headset wheel and bottom-bracket bearings correctly adjusted. Cranks, seat, stem and

handlebars tightened and tyres pumped to recommended pressure.

Silver Service                                                                        $99.00

Bronze Service with a full wash & degrease.

Gold Service ( Full Service with Wash & Degrease )   $199.00

Includes full strip and rebuild of headset, bottom-bracket and wheel bearings, frame is cleaned, all cables removed, lubricated and re-fitted

OR replaced as required. Brake and Gear adjustment, wheels trued, cranks, seat, stem and handlebars tightened and tyres pumped to

recommended pressure. Disc brake bleed, suspension fork/shock/linkage services and internal cable routing incur extra charges.

Wash / Degrease*                                                                $29.00

Driveline, wheels and brakes degreased before bike washed and dried.

*May be mandatory

All prices exclude parts except where stated a minimum charge of $10 applies to any work carried out

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