Cape 2 Cape 2015

Cape 2 Cape 2015! What a year!! These guys were amazing and have inspired so many JCC Riders to take part in it next year. 220km over 4 days is not a joyride and to just complete this Race is a massive accomplishment, to finish in the top 100 - WOW - and yes, we had 5 them!! Well done Gerrit Coetzee, Nathan Schmiedte, Ralph Herbort, Simon Dec & Stephen Marks!!

Thanks to Bruce Stephen, Nathan Schmiedte, Ralph Herbort, Shaun Schultz & Stephen Marks for wearing your JCC Kits - It sure helped me recognise you when taking pics!! Can't wait to see a couple more JCC Kits out there next year, Congrats to you all & BRING ON 2016!

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